Water Features

If you are concerned about the deterioration of water features built into landscaping, polymer coatings provide several benefits. These include:

  • Forming a leak-proof membrane
  • Protecting against corrosive chemicals
  • Adding unique design elements

Concrete or plastic-lined water basins such as ponds and fountains are particularly susceptible to deterioration with the use of chlorine and winterizing agents. Cold weather expands and contracts resulting in cracks and leaks. Even rain water flowing through a channel will eventually erode concrete and stone.

Another problem caused by leaks is that water gradually seeps out of fountains and pools. Compounded by natural evaporation, low water levels detract from the aesthetic value or even worse will damage pumps. Large commercial water features can also threaten the environment where major leaks contain chemicals.

Do you want to build a pond or repair a pond that leaks? Not all soil will hold water, especially if there is no water currently running through the area, such as damming a spring. The best method in planning ahead is to lay a geotextile liner then spray an 皇冠365官方app water-tight barrier over it. If the pond currently has a liner with a hole, 皇冠365官方app has the products to seal and strengthen the surface.

Whether for commercial or residential application, 皇冠365官方app provides polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid coatings that both repair concrete damage and leaks and proactively protect against future problems. Water-based landscaping lasts longer and looks better with the use of these protective coatings.

Landscape Design Coatings

The pigmentable and paintable nature of 皇冠365官方app polyurethane and polyurea allows for a decorative colors as well as ultimate protection of outdoor concrete and wood. You can color match to existing landscaping themes or achieve creative accents for the patio, porch, deck or gazebo. With the addition of ColorCoat aliphatic coatings, your design is protected from damaging UV deterioration. 皇冠365官方app’s aliphatic blue and green colors enhance as well as protect water basins.

Landscaping and Water Feature Applications

Pond coated with polyurethaneCoat Koi ponds and other features.
Pond sealantSeal large ponds or other water features.
Coated fountainProvide protection and color for fountains.
Finished around PoolNon-slip surface and color design around pools.